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About Us

Our Value to you 

We are a company that is here to do the "heavy lifting" for any client that is interested in creating or implementing strategies for using Offshoring / Global Resourcing to make their own business more agile and competitive

Our background 

Over the last 20 years we have had a deep history in offshore services, both on the supply side and on the user side.

  • As suppliers, we have found skilled people and set them up to work efficiently in remote locations, collaborating across multiple regions.

  • As users, running our own product development, support and infrastructure support teams, we have experimented with every type of offshoring method - setting up & running our own remote organisations, as well as selecting & using partners to create these teams for us. 

Through this experience we have gained

  • A deep knowledge of what works and what doesn't and can apply this for our clients

  • A strong belief that taking advantage of cost arbitrage and a large pool of skilled resources in different regions is an essential strategy for modern companies - both large and small

  • The ability to step into our customers' CxO shoes and provide insight into strategic need and tactics for Global Sourcing.


Our Philosophy 

Global Resourcing "works” - For small companies as well as large companies

Remote working isn’t “rocket science” to get right - But it does require care & diligence to set up and maintain for success

Outsourcing may not be the answer for core business activities - Must retain control and culture, but still need to optimise via Global Resourcing

“In-sourcing at the right global location” is the new winning mantra

Near-shoring (e.g. E. Europe) and Far-shoring (e.g. India) are both viable now & will be for some time to come - Which is best depends on specific needs

Expert knowledge adds value & reduces risk - And ultimately saves time and money


Jim Shields - Founder & MD
Expert at helping companies to make the most of Offshoring and Outsourcing

Jim has been running large development, operations and support teams in multinationals and SME companies for over 25 years, predominantly in Telecoms & Product Development companies.

During this time he has been a consistent and successful user of both outsourcing and offshoring, having built remote teams in UK, Germany, Turkey, S Africa, China, India and North America.

Having also worked for a global outsourcing company he has a unique perspective of being both a user AND supplier of outsource / offshore resources.

Considered a strong leader with excellent coaching and motivational skills who is able to drive teams to deliver challenging programs successfully at the same time as creating internal change and improvement.

Able to step into a CxO’s shoes, understand their needs and perspective, then balance against the true implementation environment to create viable strategies and transformation programs.
Trained Agile Scrummaster, Prince II Practitioner, ITIL 

(More detail on LinkedIn here)

Subhash Sharma - Founder & Director

Subhash has more than 20 years of international experience in outsourcing, offshoring in BPO and IT Services in primarily in telecom sector in senior management roles in the UK. Subhash is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad.


In the last 5 years he set up a software services company and also has been working with some of the mid size IT services and BPO companies from Eastern Europe and Indian Sub Continent helping them enter in to European and UK markets.


In the past he has worked in large IT services companies such as Wipro and TechMahindra. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing IT services in UK and Europe working with leading telecom operators such as Crawford and Company, Voadafone, Carphone Warehouse, COLT and Cable and Wireless etc. In Tech Mahindra Subhash was responsible for establishing new relationships. He successfully built and managed many relationships for tech Mahindra such as with Tiscali, COLT, First Data Europe, Carphone Warehouse. He also built and managed many large relationships while working for Wipro Technologies including one very large and successful relationship with Cable and Wireless. He built a team of more than 700 resources for Cable and Wireless in India with Wipro. 


(More detail on LinkedIn here)

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