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Making it easy for companies to reap the benefits of Global Resourcing

Our Value to you 

We are a company that is here to do the "heavy lifting" for any client that is interested in using Global Resourcing to make their own business more agile and competitive

  • We make sure companies know how to be successful when offshoring or outsourcing

  • When you need to make it happen,  we turn strategy into action and a successful landing offshore

Low Cost Global Resourcing

Hands-Free Outsourcing





I DON'T want to be too involved in HOW or WHO


Full Service Partner
Your Need
Your Need

I NEED a long term independant FUNCTION

I WANT it to mainly RUN itself under my control

Global In-House Centre

I WANT people who are  Intelligent but low cost (1 or more)

I will CONTROL processes, tools and schedules

Virtual Team or Employee

Exploring Options

I WANT the benefits of Offshoring but not sure what I need

I NEED more info advice about what works & why

About Us

We are a UK based company, with strong links and partners in India

Over the last 20 years we have had a deep history in offshore services, both on the supply side and on the user side.

  • As suppliers, we have found skilled people and set them up to work efficiently in remote locations, collaborating across multiple regions.

  • As users, running our own product development, support and infrastructure support teams, we have experimented with every type of offshoring method - setting up & running our own remote organisations, as well as selecting & using partners to create these teams for us. 

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