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We offer the Global Global In-House Centre (GIC) program for businesses that are keen to commit the benefits of offshoring.

Clients will typically need at least 30 staff, but could need 300 or even more.

We offer “Business in a box” with Build/Operate/Transfer

We will do the "Heavy-Lifting" of setting the whole thing up & making sure it has a safe landing




We will be a long term trusted advisor to you to make you successful in India.

  • There from End to End


Religent there to do most of the “heavy lifting” of setting up the centre 

  • You keep current business on track


Full transparency

  • Costs vs. Value

  • Risk vs. Speed


Building trust & collaboration between global teams

  • No “Us & Them”



Advisory on Planning / Strategy

  • Advise on location selection

  • Build High Level Execution plan & Key Risks

    • Includes risk register

    • Expected ROI based on prior experience & models

  • Propose ideal organisational architecture for success

  • Finalise work to be moved & order of transfer

Build In-House Centre

  • Set up India legal entity 

  • Find & setup office location for Innovation Centre

  • Recruit staff to meet target organisational architecture

  • Provide Interim roles where needed until new staff come on-board

Transition Functions

  • Help to setup knowledge transfer collateral & plans

  • Project manage knowledge transfer

  • Help to rework processes for multi-site & time zone usage

  • Help to set up Governance

Running the In-House Centre

  • Participation in on-going Governance & Management

  • Provide on-going administration



Low Risk

IP & Core business protection

Flexible & Scalable

Lowest Cost

Low cost vs UK/EU/US staffing solutions due to lower pay scales & cost of living

Highest Control

Manage remote team exactly as local teams managed

  • Same goals

  • Same governance

  • Same choices

One Team

  • Long term working relationships built between home & remote team members

Team aligned with customer success

  • Remote team members careers directly linked to success of customer

Quality & skill levels of extended team staff members under your direct control

  • Experience mix & salary levels at your choice

  • Access to scarce skills in greater numbers than in local regions

Opportunity to add in additional Advisory / Delivery services for de-risking if desired

  • Expert assistance available – but only if required



Enter your details if you want the GIC info pack:

More detail on the GIC model & Build / Operate / Transfer methods

Examples of the comparative cost of GET model versus:

  • traditional 3rd party outsource firm

  • local team setup in UK/EU/US

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