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Help companies to enter the Indian market

Companies who want to take their product or service into India.India 

We have helped companies in UK, Europe, Japan, USA and China to enter Indian markets successfully

Entering the Indian Market

Is there a place for your product or service in India?

  • Market Overviews & Assessments - Market size, key players, typical pricing, market segmentation

Culture & Challenges

  • What is it like to do business in India?

  • Typical challenges to overcome?

  • How to work within the culture.

Entry Strategy

  • Set the key steps to getting a viable operation there

  • Understand if/how to "Localise" your Product / Service

Hitting the ground running

Reliable and quality suppliers and partners can be hard to find

  • Bridgetheglobe can help to find suitable partners 

  • And help to manage them

Choosing the right location

  • Do you want to be near suppliers and partners... or customers?

  • What places have the right costs & infrastructure?

Building an operational organisation

  • Set up the right teams

    • R&D for product/service localisation

    • Manufacturing

    • Sales

    • Finance

    • Procurement



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