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Religent offers the Global Extended Team (GET) program for businesses that are keen to explore the benefits of offshoring. Religent helps our customers set up a ‘virtual, remote in-house team’, as an extension of the client team at an offshore or near-shore location. The team set up will be exclusive and the client will have absolute control on them. The pricing for a GET engagement is based on the market salaries of the skills required, and a fixed administrative/infrastructure component.




The client gets a no-hassle "Virtual Team in a box" in an off shore location

  • You control them as you would any other internal team

  • All you need to worry about is what they are delivering for you

  • Staff are permanently assigned to you for as long as you need them

  • GET Team can persist as long as you want or can be transfered under a BUild/Operate/Transfer arrangement when required


Religent looks after the "Care & Feeding" of the team

  • All the headaches of offices, salary, payroll, etc done by us

  • We find & hire staff, set up office, infrastructure & governance

  • Transition and Governance can be done either by you or us depending on your preference


How big a team?

  • Typically 3-30, but will work at 1-2 or 100-200+ if desired



Low Risk

IP & Core business protection

Flexible & Scalable

Low Cost

Low cost vs UK/EU/US staffing solutions due to lower pay scales & cost of living

Low cost vs traditional 3rd party offshore outsource solutions

  • No employee bench to maintain

  • No redundant management layers

  • Lower sales & marketing overhead

High Control

Manage extended team exactly as local teams managed

  • Same goals

  • Same governance

  • Same choices

One Team

  • Long term working relationships built between home & remote team members

Team aligned with customer success

  • Extended team members careers directly linked to success of customer

Ability to scale up or down as needed

  • Staff increases or reductions at any time

  • Exit in as little as 3 month

  • Staff will transfer to customer payroll if decision made to convert to wholly owned offshore in house centre or on an individual basis

Quality & skill levels of extended team staff members under your direct control

  • Experience mix & salary levels at your choice

  • Access to scarce skills in greater numbers than in local regions

  • Same management fee for Religent regardless of salary or experience level of extended team members

Opportunity to add in Advisory / Delivery services for de-risking if desired

  • Expert assistance available – but only if required



Enter your details if you want the GET info pack:

More detail on the GET model

Examples of the comparative cost of GET model versus:

  • traditional 3rd party outsource firm

  • local team setup in UK/EU/US

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